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Recording, Mixing, and Mastering done right!


Whether your aim is to secure a record deal, release an album, or simply create the best music possible, I'm here to help you achieve it. Elevate your songs from mere recordings to unforgettable masterpieces that resonate with listeners.

Recording pristine audio.  I am committed to delivering the highest quality recordings, allowing you to share your music with the world.



I elevate your raw recorded tracks to ensure clarity, balance, impact and emotion.


I provide a smooth polished track ready the world to hear. The master ensures your music amazing against your competition



Live Song Review - "The mixing is crazy"


Sandra Cory, Bassist Zenkali Punk Band

It was obvious from the first day that you cared and listened. You are truly talented. We are both very glad to have crossed paths. We definitely would recommend others to you.

Tony G. _ LinkedIn.jpeg

TNYG, Rap Artist

You weren't there just to "hit record & mix" you taught me the fundamentals. Your workflow is unmatched And your ethic is out this world. Not only did you set your own deadlines, you made sure that I was on track with mine. The vibe in the studio was one that every artist needs to experience and it was an honor and a blessing to of connected with you.

Why Hire Me

Understanding 'why' is crucial for any endeavor, and it's the main reason why I am the best choice for your musical journey, nine times out of ten. I see my job as an enhancer of your artistic vision, not its transformer. While many engineers might impose their own perspective on your work, every adjustment I make is firmly grounded in achieving your objectives. The end result is not merely a recording, mix, or master—it's the elevation of your artistic voice.

In the digital age, anyone can adjust a fader and achieve a decent sound, but it's the synergy between the artist and an engineer who truly understands their vision that makes a record truly shine. This collaboration enables the engineer to apply their expertise and tools effectively to reach the desired goal.

In today's world, where anyone can record a song on their laptop and upload it within minutes, standing out from the crowd is more critical than ever. And that's where I come in, to give your music the edge it needs.

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